Travel & Stay information


There is capacity for any/all guests to camp for free onsite at Wyresdale park or use campervans: there is onsite communal kitchen,showers and toilets available.


We would suggest pre-booking your accomodation.

The Fleece

Dolphine Holme

The feather down safari tents

Lancaster house hotel

Garstang country hotel & golf club

Garstang crofters hotel


You can enter PR3 1BA into satnav. When you arrive at Wyresdale enter the narrow entrance gate on the left and follow the signs to the wedding barn - drive past the front of the manor house on your right.


We would suggest pre-booking your evening return taxi on the day of the wedding.

Russells taxis - 01995 238181

Garstand Cab - 01995 601111

A2B Taxis - 01995 915091

Camping guests please park on back field to save space for day guests. 
Free parking all day onsite available until midday on Sunday.


Wyresdale Park Loft Spa Beauty Salon:

If you want to get your hair or makeup done for the big day, or even just to pamper up you can book at Loft Spa which is based at Wyresdale park.

Tel: 01524 220270


Applestore Cafe (Located in the beautiful walled garden and glass house at wyresdale park)

For any guests attending welcome drinks on the Friday who fancy some beautifully cooked food or baked cakes before the party starts you can visit the Applestore Cafe.

Nicky Nook

Discover the splendid views over Lancashire's coastal plan, Morecambe Bay and beyond to the Lakeland fells.

Wyresdale Park Lake

Explore Wyresdale Park Lake for an autumn stroll around Wyresdale park estate.

Markers and retailers at Wyresdale park:

Rachel Elizabeth Wood Jewellery

Paul Williams Woodcraft

Wolfe Home Antique and vintage furniture